Transitioning to the ACE Portal

There is continual automation in the world of forwarding.  One change this week is the integration of the Automated Export System (AESDirect) into the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Portal.  Until recently, AESDirect has been the sole government electronic system used to input SED information on export shipments. Inputting this information accurately is of the utmost importance, as it is used in comparison to Customs entries to develop our national trade balance statistics. The idea behind integrating this system into the ACE Portal is that now ACE will be able to serve as a single hub for all transactions relating to imports and exports. All major agencies are transitioning to using this system; including the CPSC, FDA, DOT, and now Commerce. Theoretically, having all of this information located within a single source will create a more organized and easily accessible system for queries.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, all existing AES functionality  has been incorporated into ACE. But while the two systems will be integrated, AESDirect will continue to exist as a stand-alone product.  This adoption of AESDirect into the ACE Portal will take time.  For now, ACE is still technically incomplete; testing to improve the system continues to take place. However, it is inevitable that this transition will eventually be complete, and at such time ACE will become the necessary outlet for appropriately reporting information regarding international exports. If you have any further questions regarding this transition, please visit the following link;

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