Money Seizures

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A U.S. government report showed that of 168 seizures approximately 95% of seized funds were forfeited to the government, many times because those accused fail to assert their rights.

The United States requires reporting of all cash and cash equivalents transported into or out of the country when the value equals or exceeds $10,000. Those who violate currency regulations face Customs seizures and penalties. U.S. Customs has made thousands of money seizures from persons entering or departing the United States, but we have repeatedly helped seek the vast majority of these funds back for our clients.

Often, these violations are a result of a passenger’s failure to complete mandatory currency reporting forms or errors made when filling out such forms. An innocent mistake can lead to a seizure of funds. Furthermore, Customs officials sometimes misinterpret currency seizure regulations.

Neil B. Mooney, Esq. has 38 years experience as a Customs Broker and Customs Attorney. He has learned to interpret and apply federal and state laws pertaining to the entry or removal of currency by travelers, couriers and wire transfer services. He has counseled U.S. and international clients with regard to currency seizures.

U.S. seizures are almost always a surprise occurrence and may happen even when clients attempt to adhere to applicable laws and regulations. The Mooney Law Firm knows how to effectively seek return of your seized money; contact us today!