CBP Posts Updated Bond Policies and Procedures

CBP, at the URL below, has posted new guidance concerning customs bond policies and procedures. It notes that the Continuous Transaction Bond program has been centralized at CBP’s Revenue Division in Indianapolis, Indiana.

All continuous and term bond submissions, including continuous ISF bonds, along with requests for terminations and bond riders, must be submitted via email to cbp.bondquestions@dhs.gov. Details concerning the items that must be included in a complete bond application package are set forth at page four of the policies and procedures document. Questions about bond processing can be submitted to the same email address. All email communications with CBP concerning bonds must be drafted according to the mandatory format prescribed in the policies and procedures document.

Currently, less than 10 percent of bond submissions are rejected by CBP. Notification of an approved bonds is provided by email to the applicant.

The new policies and procedures can be found at:



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